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Hello dear,

Welcome to the evaencounters blog. This is are day to day encounters of a once little brown girl. So travel with me through this thrilling life and let’s have some fun. Read enjoy, leave a comment, share with friends and subscriber.

I love you.



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For it is by grace we are saved.

SONG :Just as I (hymn)
Isaiah 9
The birth of our Lord Jesus Christ in our hearts means we are born again.
And when we’ve found Jesus we’ve found the way the truth and life.
It takes away all our gloom and meaningliness of life giving us reason in life, happiness, peace that surpasses human understanding and purpose in life.
Jesus brings us honor in our lives and those who walked in darkness can finally see great Light.
The Lord enlarges our nation and territories and increases our joy.
He takes away our burdens from our shoulders and relieves us.

(for to us a child is born, to us a son is given and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called wonderful counselor, mighty God, everlasting father Prince of peace.)
Justice and righteousness will be ours forever.
The journey ahead is a journey to trust God and only him, for our journey is exclusive.
We are called to shed our pride and arrogance of heart, that which propeled us in our yesterday, making us trust in us.
Because when we trust in God, our enemies will not triumph over us.
When we trust in God, we shall be able to discern the, lie from the truth, starting from the leader we follow to the prophet we listen to.
We shall receive favor,.The call.
Lets leave all ungodliness and wickedness, the folly talk from our mouths so that his wrath will no longer be upon us. When we turn from our evil ways, we shall dwell in peace, and there shall not be fighting among us.

Then the Lord’s hand will be upon us.

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Some evil people are so prosperous and do well in life you’d think they have shares in heaven,
then one day they die and,….. you


like so they were human too, and remember psalms37.
Psalms 37:1 [A Psalm] of David. Fret not thyself because of evildoers, neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity……….
Psalms 37:2 For they shall soon be cut down like the grass, and wither as the green herb.

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Yea, Him!


, I saw you smile but for a while, then it was gone you seemed to enjoy the company though I don’t know why, you watched them laugh as you shared the first meal though in years, you’d seem distant but then return in the moment you looked at them all grown up and happy, you stared and I wondered; were you happy for them or were you jealous you didn’t wana help out but then you started enjoying it, you wanted to stay stern but you let your guard down in a while.
Then time came and you left in a hurry, where were you running to Mr Mr, did you remember the wifely duties waiting for you or what was it, you said nothing as you left not even good bye, it didn’t hurt at all not like the first time.
Twas déjà vu, history on the repeat
You said this place where they were now was their home not yours then Mr why do you keep coming back unannounced, unwelcome, crawling in the shadows
Mr do you ever miss them , do you miss the place, the company the noise the drama or just tell me why do you keep coming back
But more why do you keep running away why do you never stay or go and never look back.

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Mountains crumble before me, seas part beside me and Kings fall at my feet, I am the child of God I am strong as I can be.
My past fades behind me, my sins separated from me, as far as the west is from the east, I watch them dissappear from me
And now I am sure that He who lives in me is greater than he who is of this world.
And I bow before Him whom my life belongs to :-
My savior, my redeemer, He who sort after me when no one else cared to, I I worship and give him glory for I know, only Him truly loves me.


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Why do we hold tight to things that destroy us
Afraid to let go and be free
Are we so used to the abuse of today
Did they lie to us and make us so desperate and weak
Have they made us believe that we can never get something better
Have they robbed us of our vision in life and our eyes are now blurred with tears that we can nolonger see ahead
Did they make us believe that they are the best we could ever have
And now we are so weak to realize how strong we are…..

I understand the predicament you going through
I know the pain that eats your soul away
The cancer that so crushes your heart into pieces
The smile that you wear to tell everyone but yourself you are ok
I know how hard it is to let go
How weak your feet are to walk away

and how your knees wobble when you try to
How your facial muscles and eyes fail you when you really trying to keep it together

But one of these days you’ll have to take up the strength and walk away
It’ll be hard but it’s just one step at a time
You are strong despite what you feel now
You deserve better despite what they told you
You’ll make it no matter what you think now
You’ll shine no matter how dark it is now
So let go of that grip,
Beacause look, look how it’s hurting your hand, look how the blood flows


we are jobless,not because there are no job openings available
Not because we are not qualified in fact we are so qualified we almost over qualified
But we still remain jobless
Not because we didn’t apply for that position you advertised regardless of the impossible experience requirement
Tell you what, we indeed applied, both online and a hand delivery to the manager himself
But we still remain to be jobless

We still remain jobless because people have squandered the funds that could cater for my pay in the industry
We are jobless because they decided to get that extra pay by having ghost employees
We are jobless because the old refuse to retire claiming there is no one as qualified, then why did we go to school why did we ask you to mentor us
We are jobless because opportunities are being reserved for family and friends Still in the kindergarten
Thus we remain jobless

But this be our cry, all we need is that job, and wise when we get the fund, we start our own empire and get an early retirement
So let’s not be selfish, and let’s not call us lazy
Everyone deserves an opportunity and when you’ve gone through the door, you don’t shut it tight behind you but hold it open that others will be able to go through it
And we’ll nolonger be jobless
Give everyone an equal opportunity, poor rich disabled male female young or old.


One day at a time ,
I watch the sun set today
Though I can’t believe i made it through another day, I’m glad I did.

When the sun rose through my window today
I was scared to rise and face the day
But I prayed and did it anyway
And now as I see it end,
I hope tomorrow will bring better tidings
And one day I won’t be scared
So one day at a time I’ll live
One day at a time
One day at a time
One day at a time sweet Jesus


It may seem hard today but have hope for hope never dissappoints

Welcome note.

Hey guys,

Allow me welcome you to the evaencounters blog, please travel with me through the thrilling life of a girl who desired great things of this life but the world was upto making her see it impossible.

Till she met one who taught her the art of living. And she destined in her heart that indeed, life is for the living so she’ll live it or she’s better of dead.

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